The 5 Major Types of Nursing Home Abuse in Ontario

Elders are often unable to take care of themselves due to health or other issues. While they are so fragile, leaving them at nursing homes becomes a tough decision, but the only way out. 

People leave their elders at nursing homes with the faith and surety that they will be well-taken care of at a good facility. However, instances of abuse can happen at such facilities too, which leave the elders dismayed. 

Speaking up in case of nursing home abuse is vital, and this you can do with the help of a well-established Ontario elder care lawyer. Today we will talk about the various types of nursing home abuse and what you can do if your loved ones face such an issue. 

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Abuse can be physical, mental, financial, or even sexual. The most common types of abuse faced by elders at nursing homes are mentioned below- 

  • Physical Abuse

Any physical harm caused to an elderly resident by an employee of the nursing home is considered physical abuse. This may involve hitting, slapping, pushing, or any kind of show of physical strength on the victim. 

  • Emotional Abuse

An act of a nurse or any other staff which has a detrimental mental effect on the elderly comes under emotional or psychological abuse. Humiliation, verbal threats or cursing, isolation, intimidation, etc fall under this category of abuse. 

  •  Medical Abuse

Denying medical treatment or giving the wrong medicines can be considered medical abuse, and it can be detrimental to the health of the elderly. 

  • Sexual Abuse

As sinful as it may sound, sexual abuse often happens at nursing homes. Elders, especially women have to go through such circumstances, and this is a common and strictly offending nursing home abuse type. 

  • Financial Abuse

Sometimes the nursing staff is involved in activities such as fraud, theft, or unlawful use of the funds, assets, or property of the resident. This falls under the category of financial abuse. 

What to Do?

It is important to ensure that our elders are happy and comfortable in their nursing homes, and are not going through any of the issues mentioned above. In case you experience such instances, you must contact the best attorney in your state to ensure you have the most robust legal action taken against the responsible party. 

You need to identify the signs of abuse at its earliest, and then report the abuse. Law enforcement agencies will take the necessary action to ensure you get the justice you deserve. So stay safe, stay alert, and ensure your elders never face such circumstances in their life!