What is prostate cancer? And which is the diet prostate cancer recommendation?

Prostate cancer has become one of the most prevalent tumours in the male population. Increasingly, there is evidence of the relationship between the appearance of this tumour and the influence of diet. To begin with, we will say that in obese or overweight patients with prostate cancer, weight loss can reduce the aggressiveness of prostate […]


4 Best and Most Beautiful Diving Spots in Bunaken

Bunaken National Park is a home to about 390 species of coral reefs, various types of fish, marine mammals, reptiles, mollusks, and mangroves. The beauty of the marine park, which UNESCO has officially recognized as one of the best tourist attractions in the world, will hypnotize you with its various beautiful marine biota. If you […]


3 Wonders of Natural Tourism in Bandung Indonesia

The city of Bandung is quite famous for its natural tourist attraction. It seems, spending a day’s vacation is not enough to explore these various natural attractions. While some grueling trips are required for these areas, a day trip will be far more than adequate for one or more of these destinations. Juanda Forest Park […]


Where do NABARD Grade A officers get posted?

The full form of NABARD is the National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development, which is one of the best and unique financial institutions. It came into existence on July 12, 1982. This is an apex-level bank and it was proposed by the Sivaraman Committee in 1979. NABARD helps in supporting credit flow when it […]


Aikido Bokken Techniques: Everything You Need to Know

In Aikido, the bokken is one of the must-have tools that you need for practice. In layman’s terms, this represents the sword that you need to be able to handle properly while in training. This article lists down everything that you need to know when it comes to Aikido bokken techniques. Basic Principles There are […]