Tips to Handle A Highly Sensitive Child 

If your child seems different than other kids, maybe you should try to figure out what the problem is instead of scolding them for being what they are. It is understandable that you are worried about them because they do not act or behave like the other kids of their age. It is possible that you have a highly sensitive child who requires a different type of care. 

Highly sensitive children have many talents and skills, but their unique needs can make it challenging to spot them. The right parenting can help such children and help adjust their behavior. In contrast, harsh punishment can make things worse for them. Visit a San Pedro mental health expert to support your child’s needs. 

Tips for handling a highly sensitive child 

  • Accept and believe them. 

If your child behaves or acts in a certain way, they are most likely trying to convey something to you. As a parent, you must try to understand them even when they are not using words to express themselves. Accept that your child is different and believe them when they say they are having a hard time doing certain things that comes easily to other children. The first step to good parenting is accepting your child as they are. 

  • Provide downtime. 

If your child is highly sensitive, you should not try to change them or make them accustomed to busy and loud environments. Taking small steps and only one step at a time is essential. Large crowds, chaos, and bright lights can overstimulate your highly sensitive child. Avoid forcing your child to overbook their schedule and allow them enough downtime at home after each event. 

  • Provide them with a structure and routine. 

Highly sensitive children thrive when they have a proper structure and routine because they have the entire day/week/month figured out and know what to expect next. Not knowing what to do after a certain task can make them feel confused. If an event is coming up, give your child as much notice as possible so they have time to prepare themselves. Do not forget to praise their cooperation because it is hard for them to do or participate in certain things. 

  • Use positive parenting to discipline. 

Positive parenting is important for everyone, but perhaps even more for highly sensitive children. Positive discipline strategies yield positive results, while harsh behavior yields disproportionately negative results. Contrary to traditional and popular belief, tough love or punishment would not “toughen up” your child to face the real world. It will only lower their self-confidence and self-image.