What is the Use of the ROHS law and How to Obtain the Required Certification? 

Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) devices and tools for household use and even professional use are always under the scrutinizing eyes of the government. The reason being, certain substances like Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium (basically, heavy metals) are used in the production of many EEE devices. If left unregulated and unchecked, such substances are life-threatening for humans. And the EEE waste from many such products that use special-grade plastics cannot be recycled either. Needless to say, unchecked use of such substances in the production of EEE tools can and does damage both human health and nature. 

In order to preserve the environment, many governments all across the world, thus, have come up with several environmental laws like the ROHS law. In layman’s terms, ROHS is the restriction of hazardous substances. Needless to say, it’s a very stringent law. It requires a great deal of controlled manufacturing scenario if you want to get the ROHS compliance certification. Hence, the best possible way in which you can legally introduce and sell your products in the market is by hiring experts from firms like Enviropass

Here’s how experts can help:

  1. They collect all the data from the suppliers. The purpose is to get the list of every single substance that’s being used in the manufacture of your products. 
  2. They, then, find out if any hazardous substance is being used beyond what’s permitted. 
  3. They offer many solutions. For example, they redirect the staff to limit or altogether stop the use of a certain substance. Or, they declare the amount that’s being used so that the customers can read that the product is a high-risk product. 
  4. The documentation that they prepare is submitted for evaluation to the government officials. Based on their documentation, you’re issued with the ROHS compliance certification. 

Imagine for yourself, if there’s even a slight mistake in the documents that are submitted, you won’t be issued the certification. And without the certificate, you can’t sell or import products legally. 

Also, bear in mind, experts can offer services like training your staff to audit and teach them how to prepare and track the documents of everything that’s being used for the production of your goods. Firms like Enviropass also offer different packages according to the needs and budgets of different manufacturers. 

All in all, pick a firm very wisely since whether or not you’ll get your ROHS compliance certification will depend upon the documents that the experts will submit.