NCERT Class 9 Villa For Sale and The Bishop’s  Candlesticks

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NCERT was formed with an agenda to standardise the education system in India by publishing high-quality textbooks that are implemented all over the country. NCERT aimed at addressing the problem of students reading different books and following different syllabus in the same standard. NCERT solutions provide plenty of study materials constructed for helping students to score good marks and understand the subject better.

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English

NCERT has developed books for all subjects as per the syllabus. These books are considered to be the most significant because the concepts in the books are very carefully explained, and it helps students to learn and understand easily.NCERT solution class 9 English Literature reader book has 14 chapters in which five chapters are fiction, seven chapters are poems, and two chapters are drama. In the drama section, we have two plays, Villa For Sale and The Bishop’s Candlesticks. NCERT solutions provide students answers to all the questions prescribed in the class 9 English textbook. 

Class 9 English Literature Readers Chapter 13 and 14 

Chapter 13

 It is a play written by Sacha Guitry. This one- act play, set in France, consists of five  characters. The play Villa for sale revolves around the sale of a villa which takes place during an evening. The villa owner, Julliette, was very eager to sell the mansion as she needed money. She stays alone with her maid. They discuss the villa for sale. As they were expecting customers, the couple arrived to purchase the villa. As soon as they entered, Gaston expressed displeasure in buying as he noticed many faults with the villa. But his wife Jeanne finds it excellent and tries to persuade Gaston to buy the villa for her.

Julliette tries to please them by counting the advantages the house possesses, and she asks for two hundred thousand francs, but Gaston rejects it. Jeanne wants to see the upper floor before they leave, and Julliette takes her up. While Gaston waited for both women to come down, the actual buyer, Mrs Al Smith, came, and Gaston exploited her by selling the villa for three hundred thousand francs. He got a hundred thousand francs profit.

 Important questions from the play villa for sale

  1. Why does Julliette want to sell a villa?
  2. Who Exploited Mrs Al Smith?
  3. Who is better in Business?
  4. Do you like/ dislike Gaston? Why?
  5. Why is Julliette disappointed?

Chapter 14

 It is a famous play written by Norman Mckennill based on love and kindness that can change a man forever rather than violence. The Bishop’s Candlesticks is a play about a prisoner who was imprisoned just because he stole food for his starving wife. He was tormented and ill-treated like an animal when he was in jail. He escaped from the ‘hell’ and entered the Bishop’s house. The Bishop is a nobleman who represented all the Christian virtues, and he offered clothes and bed to the convict. The Bishop’s kind behaviour softened the convict a little, but he could not resist himself by stealing The Bishop’s Candlesticks. He was captured again and brought back. The Bishop rescued him by telling the police that he gifted those candlesticks. The Bishop’s act of kindness transmuted the convict. He then believed that the spirit of God resides in the heart of every human being.

Important Questions From the play The Bishop’s Candlesticks

  1. What makes Persome lose her temper?
  2. How and When did the convict enter the Bishop’s room?
  3. Why was the convict imprisoned?
  4. How did the Bishop treat the convict?
  5. Why did the convict call the prison hell?


We hope that the NCERT solution in class 9 English Literature Reader chapter 13 and 14 will help students understand both the plays. It helps to comprehend the summary and score good marks in the examination. NCERT solution study materials develop the reading and writing skills of the students.