Top Reasons to Seek IVF Treatment

Your conception journey can hit several hiccups, some of which can be physically, emotionally, and financially frustrating. Infertility or situations like intended single mothers or same sex-couples can present a challenge in your quest to have a child. IVF Bedford can help in such situations, more so when you opt for the innovative INVOcell® approach. INVOcell®’s main difference from conventional IVF is that the embryo is cultured in the body and not in an incubator in a laboratory. This means fertilization takes place in a more natural setting, which can increase the success rate. Among the reasons IVF continues to be a go-to for many intended parents include:

Works where other treatments fail

IVF is often the last infertility treatment. This is after trying options like medication and intrauterine insemination (IUI). Nonetheless, skipping the other treatments and starting the IVF option can be more beneficial in instances like a blocked fallopian tube. The infertility diagnosis means you can hardly remediate the situation, which means medication or IUI may only take longer without notable progress. Opting for IVF can save you more time and stress from the frustrating treatments, allowing you to realize your conception dreams more effortlessly.

Use donated eggs or sperms

Infertility diagnosis could point towards sperms or eggs’ low quality and quantity. If male factor infertility or egg quality is the main hiccup, couples can use donor sperm. In situations like advanced age, mostly women over 38 years, using donor eggs or previously frozen eggs could be the best option, which is possible with IVF. Other limitations, like a single mother or LGBQT+ couples, may also be better suited by IVF since it helps ensure they use their egg or sperm for fertilization. Even in gestational surrogacy instances, couples can use their eggs and sperm or a donor of their choice. Such versatility makes IVF a more viable solution for your conception endeavors following the infertility diagnosis or situation.

More control

Your career or other considerations like a medical condition or financial preparedness counts as you plan the best time to get pregnant. Control over the many variables can impact your efforts to add a child to your family. This is among the areas IVF can help address. You can choose an ideal window to start the treatment, timing it to coincide with the desired birth period. More control makes the conception journey less stressful, allowing you to enjoy parenthood more.

Ideal in most instances

INVOcell® employs a woman’s body as the incubator. Besides a better environment including oxygen rations, PH, and temperature considerations increasing success odds, the intravaginal culture (IVC) system is more conservative. This makes it a go-to for individuals who would otherwise avoid IVF due to religious, ethical, or cultural concerns. The woman is more involved in the process, making it ideal in instances like single parents of LGBTQ couples, even when using a gestational surrogate.

While the cost consideration is seemingly among the reasons more people struggling with infertility opt for INVOcell®, the conventional IVF alternative offers more benefits helping many to add a child to their lives. Visit Effortless IVF today for more on IVF and the INVOcell® approach.