Kitchen Hoods – How Often to Get them Cleaned?

Are you the proud owner of a restaurant who values the safety of your employees as much as the quality of food? The chief concern of any restaurant or cloud kitchen owner will be the quality of food being prepared along with hygiene. But did you know that most of the fires in eatery establishments are basically from the kitchen? Most people in the restaurant business seem to overlook the safety and fire-compliance of their kitchen.

This can be understood by taking a look at the condition of the kitchen hood. If your kitchen hood is covered in oil and grease, then it is not functioning properly for sure. This is where the role of cleaning companies like Nettoyeurs Provincial duct cleaning comes in. Cleaning your kitchen hood can be a real headache, especially when you are getting it done for the first time.

Take no chance and leave the hectic job of cleaning your kitchen hood to the experts like Nettoyeurs Provincial duct cleaning who will not only clean your hood the first time, but even keep reminding you of the next due dates. It should be noted that keeping your hood clean is not just for superficial benefits like the aesthetics of your kitchen. The main aim of keeping your kitchen hood neat is that it will properly carry the smoke and dust away.

So, how often should you be getting your restaurant kitchen hood cleaned?

Depending on the number of burning appliances it caters to and the type of smoke and smudge it is subjected to, the frequency with which your kitchen hood should be cleaned varies. Your hood cleaning company will come up with cleaning schedules that will not affect your business as well.

The basic classifications for cleaning frequency are as follows:

  • Once a year—if the hood serves only one burning appliance and no major oil or grease is splattered on to it.
  • Once every 6 months—if your kitchen hood is working on top of two or more appliances with moderate fatty oils and greasy smog on the way, then getting it cleaned two times a year will be better.
  • Once in 3 months—if the hood of your kitchen is subjected to heavy oils and grease splatter from multiple burning appliances like wood burner and charcoal grills, then it is recommended to clean your hood as frequently as four times a year.

To conclude, it is best to team up with professional cleaning companies to schedule your hood cleaning and let them take care of the cleaning and maintenance.