Is A Black Tooth An Emergency?

A black tooth is a common problem that you experience during your teenage years. Therefore, you must visit a cosmetic dentist in Torrance to take proper action to tackle this situation. However, most people do not know if it is really an emergency or not. In this article, we are going to discuss whether the black tooth is truly an emergency or not. Here we go! 

Causes of a black tooth 

1. Dental decay 

Untreated cavities or poor dental hygiene can darken teeth and turn them black.

2. Trauma or Injury to the Teeth

An abrupt blow to the teeth or an injury may cause internal bleeding, which can cause discoloration.

3. Using tobacco or smoking

Long-term tobacco use can discolor teeth, making them appear black.

4. Specific Drugs or Health Conditions

Teeth might become blackened due to color changes brought on by certain drugs or medical disorders.

Signs and symptoms of a black tooth 

1. Discoloration of the Tooth

If a tooth is discolored, it may become gray or black, signifying underlying problems.

2. Tooth Sensitivity 

You may experience chronic discomfort in your teeth or become more sensitive to hot or cold materials.

3. Swelling 

The region surrounding the black tooth may occasionally experience swelling or inflammation.

4. Bad Taste or Odor

An unpleasant taste could be a sign of decay or infection.

Is black tooth an emergency?

1. Explanation of urgency 

A black tooth might be a dental emergency based on different variables, such as extreme pain or swelling. These signs could point to an injury or infection that needs to be treated right once.

2. Assessing the risk 

Evaluating the risk of having a black tooth is crucial. It might result in more decay if left untreated. Infections easily spread to different body parts, leading to more serious health problems.

3. The need for continuous dental attention 

It is advised to seek quick dental assistance if there are severe accompanying symptoms or if the reason for the black teeth is unknown, even though not every instance of the tooth may be deemed an emergency. A dentist is qualified to assess the condition, identify the underlying reason, and administer the necessary care.

Wrapping Up 

A black tooth can be an emergency if you avoid any symptoms. Get in touch with your dentist to treat a black tooth.