How You Can Properly Care For Your Crowned Smile

Have you been looking for ways to correct an array of cosmetic issues in your smile? When restoring your smile, you want nothing but the best technique to reclaim your natural-looking smile. Usually, your teeth are susceptible to damage which can either occur due to decay or trauma. However, rather than hiding your smile always, you can benefit from crowns Summit procedures which ensure you achieve a healthy and brighter smile in the long run.

One of the major reasons dental crowns have become so popular is their durability and resemblance with your natural teeth. Nevertheless, you should still participate in reaping tremendous outcomes from your dental crown treatment. Let’s examine the five effective tips for properly caring for dental crowns.

1.Brush and floss often for a healthy smile

Although your dental crown may seem artificial, the underneath tooth requires regular oral care to stay healthy. Again, even the dental crown must be cleaned carefully to prevent staining and remove plaque film. Food particles and germs can become trapped between the crown and your gums, so brushing and flossing often is essential. Maintaining hygienic practices will preserve your dental crown and reduce risks for oral health issues.

2.Ditch your bad behaviors

Are you always fond of biting your nails, pencils, ice, or other hard objects? If so, then you need to stop these bad habits. Such bad behaviors will damage your dental crown and break or chip your natural teeth, which can wreak havoc on your oral health and wellness. Once you ditch such habits, you will also protect your teeth and gums and investment in your new dental crowns.

3.Avoid grinding your teeth

Teeth grinding and clenching (Bruxism) are common issues affecting many people. While you can try to manage this condition during the daytime, it worsens at night. Although bruxism might not seem like a severe problem, it can take a serious toll on your teeth, especially if ignored. If you’re wearing your dental crowns and suffer from bruxism, your crown is at risk of breaking or damage. However, a custom night guard can help cushion your teeth and protect your crown while sleeping.

4.Keep off sticky and hard foods

Although strong and durable crowns can still be damaged, just like your natural teeth. Eating hard foods can chip, crack and break your crown, meaning you’ll have to replace it before the due date. On the other hand, sticky foods can get trapped between your crown and gum, which can cause bacteria buildup. Therefore, avoid sticky or hard foods to enjoy the long-term benefits of your dental crowns.

5.See your dentist often

Visiting your dentist often for routine checkups and cleanings is critical in ensuring your gums and teeth supporting the crowns stay healthy in the long run. Again, these regular visits allow your dentist to evaluate your crown and ensure its properly fitted.

It’s no secret that dental crowns will transform your smile to new heights. However, properly caring for your crowns is critical for oral health and well-being. Furthermore, proper care and maintenance are the only way to ensure your crowns serve your dental needs for many years. Why live with smile imperfections when your help is just a call away? Book your session today!