IDP Choices: Some of the Details You Should Know About

It’s preferable to be able to drive one’s own car and have joy in the trip while venturing outside of India. A licence, however, may only be utilised inside India’s boundaries. Driving a motor vehicle outside of India requires either a valid International Driver’s License or special authorization. Proof of legal authority to operate a motor vehicle within the borders of the country to which you are travelling is shown by the international driving licence or permit. Because of this, the driving permit that authorises foreign nationals to operate motor vehicles is an extremely important piece of paper.


An international driving licence or permit is a document that allows a motorist to legally operate a motor vehicle in a country other than their own. To facilitate communication with local authorities, the International Driving Permit provides translations of common driving terms into many languages. Because it features the driver’s likeness, it may double as a form of ID if necessary. The United Nations’ endorsement of the International Driving License gives tourists the freedom to drive a car anywhere in the world.

Who, precisely, may submit an application?

Those who hold a valid driver’s licence in India and want to drive in another country may apply for this. An international driver’s licence is valid for a year from the date of issue.

Who can’t submit an application?

Applicants for an overseas driving permit must provide both a passport and a current driver’s licence at the time of application.

The method and technique of applying

If you need an International Drivers Association, you may get one from the RTO at the Western India Automobile Association (WIAA). Transport Control Association (International) (ITCA) To apply at RTO, complete both the Form 4A and the Form 1A, and provide the appropriate documentation. The applicant has to go to the state transportation website, download both forms, print them off, and then submit them to the RTO for an electronic application. The licence fee is 1,000 rupiah, and there will be an extra 200 rupiah to cover administrative expenses. Obtaining the licence from the WIAA necessitates membership in the WIAA. The WIAA welcomes new members from the cities of Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmedabad. The fee is 1,500 rupees, and the process may be completed in only two days. The Western India Automobile Association will only issue an International Driving Permit to people who would be driving in countries that are signatories to the 1949 Geneva Convention. You may also apply for an international driver’s licence with the International Control Traffic Association online. You still have this choice.


The International Driving Permit certifies that the holder possesses a valid driver’s licence from their home country. It also proves the person is competent to drive a car in another country. Because the International Driving Permit is written in many different languages, it may be used as a valuable verification tool by authorities in other countries. To rent a car and drive it legally in another country, Indian drivers need to provide a valid International Driving License.