What Could Be Causing Your Low Sexual Drive

As it should be, most people do not like to discuss their private sex life with others. All parts of sex, including reproduction and pleasure, come in an infinite range of preferences. The origin of the drive is found in one’s libido, the physical force of desire. Boca Raton birth control specialists and doctors can help you understand what is leading to lower libido in your body. They will also provide the necessary help for the same. 

Changes in libido are quite normal. An issue with low sex drive only arises when it disrupts your life in some way, whether it is through feelings of emptiness, deviations from your usual routine, or relationship issues. 

Behaviors that occur in response to sexual stimulation

Understanding the sexual response cycle, a four-stage process outlining physical intimacy, might provide light on the effects of low libido. 

The cycle consists of four stages:

  • What you want: your sexual appetite
  • The physical manifestation of sexual arousal
  • The buildup and subsequent release of genital tension is what we call an orgasmic experience.
  • Your body’s natural ability to relax again

An entire cycle can fail if even one part of it is faulty. This may lead to a decline in libido, even though the underlying causes of dysfunction are different for each individual. 

Possible causes of a lack of libido

Low libido might make you feel so uninterested in sexual relations that you might not even realize you have a problem. However, you may recall certain signs that indicated a shift in your condition at a previous time. Signs and symptoms may include: 

  • There is very little desire to engage in sexual activities.
  • There are no sexual ideas or fantasies
  • Nothing triggers the body’s alarm system.
  • Sex provides little to no pleasure.
  • Experiencing discomfort during or after sexual activity.

Changes in your life’s circumstances, though, are very normal. It is possible that the fact that you are not as sexually aroused as you once were is just a result of age- and gender-related changes in the body. If increased sexual desire is what you seek, then yes, your libido is low. 


Low libido is a widespread problem, and fluctuating estrogen levels are a major cause. During the menopause, this is a common occurrence. Without the hormone, your brain stops receiving the chemical signals that stimulate desire, and your body responds by generating hormones that make sexual activity unpleasant or painful.