Things to know before investing in ceramic tile flooring

Natural stones like marble and granite are great for kitchen flooring. Many homeowners, however, are opening up to new and contemporary options. If you want something beyond natural stones, ceramic tiles could be a great alternative. For the unversed, ceramic tiles are made in a kiln at high temperatures using clay and other inorganic materials. Typically, these tiles are ranked on hardness between 0 and 5. So, should you consider ceramic tile flooring for your home? Before that, here are some facts worth knowing. 

Durability & aesthetic appeal 

If you are in Montreal, check for Ceramique au Sommet floor tiles, and you will be rather surprised with the range of choices. Ceramic tiles are manmade, so these come in all colors, themes, and finishes that one can imagine. To add to that, ceramic tiles are made by firing, which add to the density and durability of the tiles. While granite is certainly more durable, ceramic tiles can match to the same. Also, unlike granite or marble, ceramic tiles don’t need yearly sealing or maintenance, although care must be taken to keep the grout clean. 


No matter what type of tiles, ceramic tiles should be installed professionally. There are many DIY ideas out there on the internet, but ideally, consider hiring a professional team for the job. Contractors and installation services know what it takes to seal and install ceramic tiles, and you can expect the work to stand the test of time. Suppliers can often offer help on installation, so consider talking in depth about your requirements. 

Applications at a glance

While ceramic tiles are great for kitchen islands and backsplashes, you can make the most of this option for your kitchen and bathroom flooring. Unlike marble, ceramic tiles are not prone to staining and can last for a decade or more without any maintenance. As for décor needs, ceramic tiles come in all kinds of finishes and colors, and this can be a perfect way to add some colors to your walls. Should you consider tiles for your kitchen counters? While ceramic tiles have been used for countertops, the material doesn’t fare as good as granite as far as withstanding extensive work. However, if you don’t use your counters extensively or prefer to be careful, ceramic tiles could be an option. 

Talk to known suppliers in Montreal now and ask for estimates. Do check at least a few samples before choosing one.