Reasons To Undergo A Stress Test This Year 

The aim of a stress test is to determine how your heart responds to different intensities of exercise. A stress test, also known as an exercise test, hooks the patient to an electrocardiogram monitor that evaluates your heart’s rhythm during exercise. During exercise, your heart works faster, and this test can reveal issues, rhythm, blood flow, etc. 

While there are various reasons why someone would want to undergo or why a doctor may recommend a stress test, diagnosing blood flow still remains at the top. If you have symptoms like shortness of breath and chest pain, you may be a candidate for a stress test. Get stress testing Covington today. 

Reasons to undergo a stress test

  • Assessing the patient’s blood flow. 

The basic, most common, and main reason to conduct a stress test is to assess the patient’s blood flow to the heart. A stress test can reveal various serious medical conditions, such as coronary artery disease. If undiagnosed and untreated, these conditions can become life-threatening. 

  • To check the heart before surgery. 

Certain surgeries have various complications associated with them. For high-risk procedures, doctors recommend undergoing a stress test to gain valuable information about making modifications to the surgery plan if required. Some conditions that require pre-testing include diabetes, CAD, and kidney disease. 

  • Assessing heart rhythm. 

During a stress test, a patient may have an irregular heartbeat or heart rhythm. A cardiologist can take a look at your heart rhythm and determine whether there is an underlying issue or medical condition that requires attention. A stress test can find out risks that may not show symptoms or signs on the surface. 

  • To determine the effectiveness of a cardiac treatment plan. 

When you have been diagnosed with a heart condition, your doctor will lay out a treatment plan based on your overall health condition, age, medical history, etc. A stress test provides valuable information that helps your medical provider create an optimal treatment plan. It helps determine whether your treatment plan is improving your condition. The test can also tell you whether you need additional procedures or treatments. 

  • Determine a fitness plan. 

Patients with no specific heart condition who want to take a step towards a more fit and healthy life can also take the stress test. You can learn more about your body and how you can improve your fitness by participating in certain daily exercises. 

The benefits of a stress test are many. If you are considering getting one, make sure to consult your medical provider to take the right measures to prepare for the procedure beforehand.