Know How To Register For Betting In 777 Live Betting

Are you interested in registering yourself in 777 Live Betting? Then all you need to do is visit the website and fill up the details in the provided form and register yourself. Provide all the details that are valid. Rest assured that all the details are safe and secure with the site since there customer safety is our priority. There are some details that the players need to fill in the given form.

  • Username

To start the career in betting, the bettor need to provide a username that is visible while betting

  • Password

For log in or opening the account, a bettor needs to provide a password to secure the account. The password must consist of 8-20 characters which must have one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. It must not contain the username.

  • Repeat the password

To check and memorize, it is mandatory to enter the password.

  • Email

The bettor needs to provide a valid email address. This is needed generally to reset the password.

  • Contact number

It is important to provide a phone number or whatsapp number.

  • Bank

Different bank name are provided, to select the bank whose details will be provided.

  • Account name

Provide the account holder name as stated

  • Account number

The account number of the account holder

  • Reference code

If you are invited by your friend then the bettor needs to enter the code forwarded by him. Otherwise leave it blank.

  • Verification code

Then they needs to enter the code provided for verification.

  • Subscribe

Click subscribe when all the data are provided completely.

After filling all the required details, the player needs to click on the register button to access and successfully enter the game menu. Now the player is ready to enjoy all the games available in the site 777 Live Betting.

Things to know after registering

It is important to know few things after the registration. Some are as follows:

  • 24 Hr service

The site provides service at any time of day. For any problem or difficulty, the bettors can directly contact the site through the contact number provided. After receiving the response, immediate actions are taken. Proper care and best facility is provided.

  • Membership

The site provides membership plans to the bettors. A player with membership plan enjoys special benefits and facilities.

  • Agents

Some agents keep record of the player to contact them in future. They also provide good tips and tricks to make the bettor win the betting game.