Good Reasons You Need Pallet Changer and Signs To Replace Pallets

If your business involves frequently rotating large quantities of pallets after or during production processes then pallet changers can save time. Rather than rotating one box at a time, the turner rotates in bulk at the same time.

Top Industries offer the best pallet inverter models, which can be used in –

  • Switching aluminum or plastic pallets in hygiene and sensitive zones.
  • For in-house pallet racking.
  • If you prefer to use cheap pallets, but the supplier doesn’t.
  • Transport items on a single-use pallet to foreign countries because importing goods on superior quality pallets is costly.
  • Replace damaged pallets without unloading and reloading.
  • Swapping different pallet sizes
  • Swapping rented pallets to owned pallets
  • Swapping damaged sack from the loaded pallet’s bottom.
  • Insert slip sheets thus saving on pallet and cubage weight costs.
  • Insert freezer spaces with ease.

You can see how versatile pallet inverters are. They lift, tilt or invert, the products safely. It reduces workplace injuries, product & pallet damages, as well as labor costs. The machine keeps the facility organized and maximizes productivity.

You will find that pallets need replacement now and then. The reason may be your clumsy forklift driver. Pallets even suffer from pest infestation or rotting or wear and tear. You will need to switch the pallet to a stable pallet before stacking.

Rather than having goods falling from a deteriorated pallet and going through the task of restacking them manually please check the pallet condition. If you identify deterioration place the pallet on the ground-level inverter’s platform, tilt the pallet to a side, pull the damaged old pallet out first then insert a stable good one and tilt the platform to its original position.

Signs to replace pallets

Pallets undergo a lot of external stressors even if they are designed to handle different situations. Pallets will need regular inspections and replacements to avoid onsite breaking.

Tilted beams & racks

When you see tilted beams and racks, it is a common sign of pallet replacement. Pallets get overloaded with the large shipment, so the product weight can stress the materials. If the pallet’s board panels are tilted it means deterioration to a damaged point. It is dangerous to use tilted racks because when the pallet snaps the product beneath or above is vulnerable to damage. Better replace the pallets rather than damage the items.

Pest infestation

Lumber pallets travel across different environments, so the chances of pest infiltration within wooden pallets into your facility increase. Pest’s presence compromises stock safety and even pallet damages.

Sharp edges

Metal pallets get worn down or rusted, which causes the emergence of sharp edges. When you find that corners on the top of the pallet are sharp it is time to replace them. Metal pallets are severely abused, so they are great but abuse can sometimes lead to irreparable damages.

Visible damage

Pallets are handled roughly and this human error cannot be prevented. To evaluate the wooden pallet condition on arrival, have it inspected. If the pallet section seems discolored, frayed or thin then replace it. Even metal pallets are misused. Overloading can cause them to bend or warp with time.  Here is Linkedin profile for Top Industries, just follow them!