Diagnostic Methods for the Appearance of White Exhaust

If it is found that white smoke is formed due to natural evaporation of condensate in the exhaust system. Check and verify the issue by checking the following or by visiting doorstep car service in Mumbai:

  • Start with pulling out the dipstick and look at the color and conditions of the engine oil.
  • Check the engine coolant level.
  • Check the traces of oil in the coolant.
  • Check the cooling circuit for exhaust gases entering it.
  • Check the pressure change in the cooling circuit while starting the car’s engine.
  • Check the cleanness of the spark plugs.

An oil-water emulsion is created while mixing coolant with oil, which is way different from regular oil in color and consistency. It is easy to determine that there is clearly something wrong with the lubricating fluid by visual inspection – just by pulling out the dipstick.

If there is a coolant flow, then its level in the radiator and expansion tank should decrease. A significant decrease in the fluid level in the system without external leaks speaks volumes about the presence of leaks into the engine. Moreover, at the same time, you need to focus on the coolant state: if oil spots are visible, it means that oil is seeping into the system from the adjacent lubrication circuit.

If there is a chance of coolant entering the cylinders, then the exhaust gases will also break through the cooling circuit along the same path. To check, squeeze the upper radiator pipe and engine starting. If you feel with your hand that the pipe “puffed out” with the starting of the engine, it means that gases from the combustion chamber breakthrough into the circuit, and the pressure in the cooling system rises.

On a gasoline engine, it is necessary to unscrew the spark plugs and inspect their conditions. In the availability of moisture in the cylinders, the working elements together with the electrode will stand out in their cleanliness as if they had just been washed. Although under natural circumstances, everything should be covered with black carbon deposits.

Dense white exhaust smoke – serious malfunction with consequences


Oil diluted with coolant transforms into a white emulsion, entirely losing its working properties and qualities. Such a lubricating fluid is no longer able to perform its functions effectively and will inevitably lead to increased wear of elements of the power unit, up to its complete failure.

Therefore, as a rule, the reasons for the appearance of white smoke from the exhaust pipe must be diagnosed, and resolutions must be taken to eliminate them as soon as possible. In addition, the car’s operation should be suspended to avoid significant issues with the engine.

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