5 Most Expensive Places to Live in Leeds

A combination of history, beautiful countryside, and a solid economy, Leeds is a thriving city that offers both affordable and luxury housing options for home buyers. Located in West Yorkshire. What follows are the five most expensive places to purchase or sell a home quickly in Leeds


Along with Harewood and Rigton, Collingham is arguably the most expensive location in the Leeds area to purchase a home. The average price is £832,500 may seem rather high, but the rich history of the location along with its natural beauty make it highly desirable for those seeking the finest homes. Collingham offers exceptional commuting thanks to his easy access to the railways and highway system. Plus, you can find good shopping opportunities in this relatively small town of just under 3,000. 

Hyde Park Corner 

As the name implies, this community centers on a road junction at the southeast corner of Hyde Park. The average price of a home in Hyde Park Corner is £576,000 which puts you in the middle of some rich history. There are several monuments to the Duke of Wellington who made Hyde Park Corner his home. There is also excellent commuting between the community and the rest of Leeds given its remarkable location. Add to that some excellent shopping opportunities and solid schools and you have a good place to raise a family. 

Roundhay Park 

One of the larger parks in all of Europe, Roundhay Park consists of over 700 acres of woodland, lakes, and parkland that draws in roughly a million visitors each year. In addition to its beauty, it also has a rich history as the lands which created the park were founded by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. The park is located on the northeastern edge of Leeds and showcases the stunning beauty of the area. So, it’s of no surprise that you’ll find the average price for a home in Roundhay Park at £540,000. 


A village of nearly 1,200, Scarcroft is located in the northeast section of Leeds. Although lacking in certain amenities given its small size, Scarcroft does boast an average home price of £574,500. This is most due to the beautiful setting amid the bustle of the city. Scarcroft may only have one pub, but it does have quick access to the rest of Leeds for those who need to shop, work, and travel to other locations. 


The average price of homes in Weetwood, along with neighboring Far Headingley, is a stout £702,250. Located between Meanwood and Headingly in the north-west section of Leeds, the area was originally settled for its sandstone deposits before being owned by Kirkstall Monestary. Today, Weetwood is a burgeoning community that offers plenty of open space, an interesting history, and good commuting for those who want quick access to the rest of Leeds. 

And these are the five most expensive places to purchase a home in Leeds. There are other locations that also have high home prices, but none quite reach the cost, beauty, and accessibility of the five mentioned here.